An interactive installation about the modern self

The attention-crave we get from social media, the race to the most likes, a race to recognition.
How does this upcoming narcissism effects us?

Are the likes giving us more self-confidence or exactly the opposite?

When you look at the installation you’re watching yourself through a mirror with a drooling tongue attached. It looks like you are drooling at yourself, but also that its drooling at you. 
Once you click the like-button below the mirror, you unconsciously make a selfie. The like button is connected with a selfie stick behind the mirror. 

Your selfies will be posted on the Facebook page of the installation. Vain as you are, you have to check out your pictures and the race to likes starts again. A pity your head is cut of because of your drooling tongue right?



Publication Kunstzone (art-education magazine)
September 2015, nr. 05

Kunstzone Uncanny valley.jpg
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